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Website Strategy Development – A Key Decision

When an accounting firm is ready to build their first Website or upgrade an existing site, the first analysis should be the strategic purpose of the Website. Without developing the core strategy, the process will be very difficult and probably not benefit the firm in the long run.

The primary strategic question is: What’s the purpose(s) of having a Website? This will drive many other features of your site. Let’s examine some choices…


Daddy, Daddy…Let’s Stop at South of the Border—Driving targeted clients and prospects to your business is key to success

Everybody knows that after you build a Website you must drive traffic in the form of clients, prospects, and referral sources. Without traffic, nothing is possible. It’s like owning a store, packed with inventory, and having no customers. In the brick and mortar world, the solution to no sales can include many steps, but the first is to simply put up a sign. How can any business possibly sell product unless customers know your store exists and that you are open for business? The same is true with the Internet. If you want to sell a service or build a brand, you have to attract visitors to your Web site.