How To Start A Personal Development Business

There are very few businesses that allow you to genuinely help people and make money at the same time, but in the personal development business it’s more than just normal it’s actually encouraged. Being able to be financially independent and help others achieve everything they want are two key components of any self help product. You may not know it by just looking in from the outside but the personal development industry generates just over $6 billion per year and is expected to grow at a rate of 11% through 2008. The personal development industry is a market full of repeat buyers who are constantly hungry for knowledge and information, some major publishers actually have entire departments dedicated to the self help business.

But you don’t have to land a book deal to be successful in this market, thanks to the popularity of the internet many new content delivery mediums have opened up and allow you to publish your self help material without spending a fortune or taking a big financial risk. One of the most popular methods for distribution of self help material in recent years has been through e-books, many come in PDF format and can be read right on your computer. This allows authors to publish their work for a very low cost and provide instant access to anyone with an internet connection. Another popular media format for the self help business is CDs, they are cheap to produce and can be mailed directly via postal mail which as minimal cost. In addition to CDs some self help authors have begun to move towards the DVD format.

By recording a speech in front of an audience the DVD format gives users a more interactive and performance based experience that other formats aren’t able to provide. But nothing still beats the real and live experience, which is why the most effective way to help people is by giving speeches at events, seminars, and corporate gatherings. Professional speaking is something that every major self help author shares and embraces. Live speeches are not only more effective for your audience they allow you to earn a lot more money than you would by selling some CDs or DVDs of your products.

Professional speakers can charge anywhere from $5,000 to as much as $100,000 per speech depending on their experience in the self help business and of course their celebrity status. Chances are you won’t be able to get away with charging $100,000 when you first start but you will be able to earn a very steady income and build up your reputation, not to mention that after your speech you’re able to promote your products and personal coaching services. Not matter how you choose to deliver your message as a self help professional in the personal development business you need to remember that your final goal is to help people.

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the dollar signs and zeros but if you don’t provide quality information that your audience can absorb and apply you may soon be back to your old job. If you deliver high quality content and information that can really make a difference in people’s lives your audience will reward you by buying your future products and paying to attend your future speeches.